Krantikar is an inspiring and motivational speaker and writer, a counselor, a Hypno - psychotherapist, Consultant in HRD .... ... Short, a rare versatile professional whose works through the print and audio visual media and direct interaction with individuals and groups have brought out the best in literally lakhs of people over the past 27 years.

Come and join with eminent mentor and mind healer - Mr. Krantikar

Self Help Hypnotism
3 days
Alpha Mind Power
3 days
Stress Management
3 days
3 days
Public Speaking
3 days
Behaviour Modification
10 days
Personality Development
10 days
Target Drive (for Marketing)
10 days
Life Style Management
10 days
Leadership Training
3 days
Emotional Intelligence
3 days
Soft Skills
3 days
Better Parenting
3 days
Better Matrimonial Harmony
3 days
Bandhalu - Anubandhalu
3 days
VANAPRASTHA - Post Retirement Management
3 days
Special Courses
10. Hi! How r u ....?
Do you want Health, Wealth and Wellbeing...?Mind is a Garden Cultivate your Mind positively with Mind Culturist Mr. KRANTIKAR. Learn life skills to lead in Life. - 3 days
11. Oh...! Software Stress!
Are you suffering with lot of mental blues? Are you suffering with mental stress? You may be a busy executive or may be a Software person or a call centre person, Life will be misery with Stress. Spend two days for Stress Management course which is specially designed for Software people by Mr. KRANTIKAR
12. Protect Your Heart
Are you suffering with Stress, Tension and Anxiety? Hurry, Worry and Curry will create lot of health problems. You must change your attitude and lifestyle to minimise the heart risk and maximise youthfulness. Join in Mr. KRANTIKAR's Life Style Management Course for better Health and Well being. - 10 days
13. Prevention is Cheaper Than Cure!
Don't spend lacs for Medical bills. Join in Mr. KRANTIKAR's Positive Health Management Programme to minimise your Heart and Diabetic risk and Maximise your Health and wellbeing. - 10 days
14. Krantikar's Study Techniques & Mind Power for Students

There are many students preparing for exams, but getting success is difficult. Upto 95 percent of talented students do not get success or good rank even though they may take good coaching and working hard.

Remember your brain is the greatest computer in the world. It is equal to crores of Personnel computers. How to use our natural computer (Brain)? No body is teaching in Schools and Colleges.

What can you do?
Come and join in a 4 days program How to use your Subconscious Mind Power to get better results in exams?"Improve Memory, Concentration, Confidence, Grasping Capacity and get rid from postponing, laziness, stress and Tension. Note : Sunday afternoon programs specially designed for corporate college students.
15. EyeYoga
16. Mind Culture

NOTE: For corporate organizations and Educational Institutes we can arrange One day programs or 3 hours programs .

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