Study Techniques and Mind Power for students

There are many students preparing for exams, but getting success is difficult. Up to 95% of talented students do not get success or good rank even though they may take good coaching and working hard.

Remember your brain is the greatest computer in the world. It is equal to crores of Personal computers. How to use our natural computer (BRAIN)? Nobody is teaching in schools and colleges.

What can you do?

Come and join in work shop "How to use your subconscious Mind power to get better results in exams?"

Improve Memory, Concentration, Confidence, Grasping capacity and get rid from Postponing, Laziness, Stress and Tension.

Program Schedule
Mechanism of mind power and exams 9AM to 10.30
Hypnotherapy Session for better concentration 10.30 to 11 Break -15 mins
Study Pyramid & SQ5R method for better results- Up to 1pm
Lunch break and Hypnotherapy Session Confidence and Memory -Up to 2pm
Self Hypnotism –Alpha Mind Power training -2PM t0 3.30
Practice Session of  Alpha Mind Power up to 4PM, Break
Goal Setting, career planning  and Time management
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