01. Hypno therapy session
02. A participant expressing gratitude on KRANTIKAR
03. "Manase oka Poolathota" by Krantikar - Appreciation by VC, A.U., Prof. M. Gopalakrishna Reddy.
04. Body like Iron Rod-Hypnotism show against Child marriages in Nagulapalli-1987 (Org by DYFI & CITU)
05. A Hypnotism Talk Show - Sr. IAS officer RV Chandra Vadhan, BV Pattabhi Ram, Poet Addepalli Ram Mohan-1991
06. Mass Hypnotic Anesthesia-Testing by Surgery Professor of Rangaraya Medical College, Dr. Babji-1988
07. A batch Self Hypnotism Students - 1989
08. With Freedom Fighter and Visalandhra Chief Editor Yetukoori Balaramamurthy-1984
09. With Famous Magician and Miracle exposure B.Premanand(Kerala)-1984
10. In our RJY branch-Loksabha Speaker GMC Balayogi, Bhadrachalam MP Dr. M. Babu Rao - 1990
11. Creating confidence in a workshop
12. Felicitation by all media people
13. Felicitation by Electronic Media people
14. A workshop in Hotel Taj, Hyd-2000
15. A group of disciples showing victory sign in Singareni Mines-2000
16. Falicitation in Hyderabad-2000
17. A District Judge and a Minister releasing Mee Psychology magazine, (Editor-Krantikar)-1994
18. Appreciations from a Minister-1988
19. Delivering speech for VIPs-1995
20. Magic show performing in Rajbhavan 1988 in presence of Governor
21. Performing Magic at Film Star ANR-1988
22. With AP SACS Director RV Chandra Vadhan, IAS
23. With Minister Mandali Budha Prasad
24. With BV Pattabhiram in a workshop "Teaching is an Art"
25. With BV Pattabhiram in a workshop "Teaching is an Art"
26. With Sukabhodhananda & CBI Director Kartikeyan
27. In India Habitat centre- New Delhi
28. With Sukabhodhananda & CBI Director Kartikeyan
29. Mass Hypnotism
30. With Governor Kumudben Joshi in Rajbhavan-1988
31. With Ramakrishna Hegde, CM of Karnataka-1987
32. With Dalailama's Personal Physician-1993
33. Honoring with Gold Medal 1st Dec-1993
34. Fire walking show 2nd Jan-1987
35. With encounter Pingali Dasaradha Ram-1984
36. Warm appreciation from an organiser after performance
37. With close friend and client LokSabha Speaker GMC Balayogi
38. My backbone Eminent Freedom Fighter - Vavilala Gopala Krishna
39. Performing catalepsy state in Hypnotism show in Tadepalli gudem-1988
40. Mass Hypnotism
41. Wherever you go I will be with you!
42. Like father like son : Jr Kranthi
43. Leadership Training to Engineers & Managers on 22-04-2010
44. Expressing a parent in Better Parenting workshop
45. No FEAR - I am here!
46. As a chief guest
47. As a Mentor
48. Interview in AIR 04-05-2010 by Vanithavani Programme at 1:30 pm
49. Interview in AIR Hyderabad
50. As Guest Professor in Madras University
51. Discussing with HRD Heads in Vizag steel Plant
52. 04-05-2010 A workshop to women
53. Felicitation on 26-01-10 by Steel Plant Employees
54. Leadership Training by Dr. Krantikar
55. Empowerment programme by Krantikar
56. Residential Violence in AP-Discussing on ABN Andhrajyothi (TV-Channel)