Over the past 32 years (1983-2015), I have used Self-Hypnotism and Hypno Therapy to help more than 10,00,000 persons directly and indirectly with my audio CDs and books. Lacs of people make changes in their lives. I combine Hypnosis with Behaviour Therapy and Cognitive therapy(CBT) for better results. I got good repetition because of greater success of therapeutic structure.

Chronic problems need multidimensional (or) Integrated therapy(IT). Self-hypnosis and mental exercise sessions; can help to maintain Psyche-Soma (Mind & Body) harmony and alleviates problems like fears, phobias, anxiety, reactive depression, insomnia, stress, tensions, smoking, drinking, memory loss, poor concentration etc. I have marveled at the success of Hypnotism in dealing with Migraine headache, Tension headache, Irritable bowel syndrome, Allergies and Allergic Asthma. I have lot of experience and flow of clients with sexual problems. Hypnosis worked well for them.

I am your friendly and affectionate Counselor and Trainer

(Psychologist, Hypno-Psychotherapist & HRD Consultant) MSc(Psychology), MSc(App Psychology),MSc(Counseling Psychology),MA(Child Care), MBA(HRD),MA(Personal Management), MA( Sociology), MA(Population Studies), BNat (Naturopathy and Yoga), BSc(Psychology),BA(Psychology),BCom, DY(Yoga),HDSE & More

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